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Film Punk Films is our second personality. Film Punk represents the guerilla attitude it takes to make an indy, low budget film. Not caring what other people think, disregarding the naysayers, going forward no matter what. MAKE YOUR MOVIE!!! Be proud to be a punk. Screw the Academy Awards, I want an Independent Spirit Award!

Greg MorganIMDb

Writer / Director / Producer / Editor

Greg Morgan

With a filmmaking career of over twenty years Greg Morgan has confronted many challenges. Beginning with his attendance at California State University, Northridge film school and graduating with a well-stocked quiver of short films, Greg enlisted the help of his wife Jeanne and soon wrote and shot his first feature film 17& Under. The film won him his first awards, garnered successful distribution, and landed him squarely on the filmmaking map.

A few years later, Greg’s next feature, The Playaz Court, followed. Once again, he found distribution, this time with Artisan Entertainment. The film went on to Starz Channel. The awards for The Playaz Court just sweetened the pot, yet after this second success.
Shot in 2006, The Substance of Things Hoped For signaled Greg’s arrival into the arena of Drama + Art. Steeped in visual metaphor, haunting and visceral, Substance was his first true will and testament, an expression of the artist and the man.
Greg’s next passion came as The Boatman: On the border of the US and Mexico, there are whispers of a Coyote. A man so adept at sneaking immigrants across, none of his "mojados," his people, have ever been caught. They call this man, El Maldito, but when young Elena enters his life and claims to be his daughter, Miguel is forced to confront his many demons.
The Boatman has won more awards than any of his previous films; Best Director Idyllwild Film Festival, Best Director Velvet Rope Film Festival, Best Film Cinema on The Bayou Film Fest, Best Film Georgia Latino Film Fest amongst many others.
Currently, Greg, with his wife Jeanne, have written their next feature The Prize. The Prize is about how a Pulitzer winning photo of a tragedy changes the lives of all people involved, prompting the journalist who took the photo to set out on a journey to undo the damage.

Jeanne Flynn-Morgan

Writer / Producer

Jeanne Flynn-Morgan

Essentially everything that can be said about Greg can also be said about Jeanne. They have been on the journey together since the beginning. With her business background beginning in business school at California State University, Northridge, Jeanne knows every step of producing a feature film. Scripts at Film Punk are always written by the pair.

Rachel Ward

VP Social Media

Rachel Ward

Rachel Ward has grown up in Los Angeles her whole life. Being the youngest of six kids, she saw her older sister involved in the film industry and this would change her course. Rachel has been working for Film Punk Films since 2012. She is in charge of all social media venues as well as its Production Manager position during filming.

Rachel first received the opportunity to work in the business starting as a Production Assistant (PA) and was very intrigued with both the art and hard work of it. She saw the challenge of the work and the possible results of the project. Always interested in Social media of all types, she saw how people were influenced considerable by it. Rachel says it, "Challenged her to take it to the next level."

Duke Addleman IMDb


Duke Addleman

Began as a philosopher: quick to emote yet steeped in promise. Despite a fine education, noble parenting, and a scientific mind, he tumbled head-over for the art of arranging words. Here follows his confession:

"Writing is my charm of making, one long and mad act of alchemy. Under its sway, I fall invisible. I haunt the speakeasies, the waterfronts, the parkways under whose wide trees you first kissed. These are my halls, and in them I conjure yet another clutch of wishes: words to coddle and warm, to stand ward over lest they find winter. Yet the spell is unfinished. Soon, in one last act of love, I must set the whole of them before you. 'What is my part in all this?' you wonder, but I believe you already know. Yours is the most sacred act of all. You are here, my beloved witness, to birth these hatchlings, to fuss over their feathers, to guide and chide them, to bear them into the wide, wild world."

Duke, knight-errant of The House Addleman and Clan McCreary, has since ventured into production work on Greg and Jeanne Morgan's film "The Playaz Court." Recently, he has written or co-written "Ashland," "A Fear of Quiet Life," "Torn," and "The Substance of Things Hoped For." Development of an adventure epic (code named "Blood") ensues with Greg Morgan.

In this time, Duke lives much as he dreamed: writing, fathering, and teaching in a small blue house by the sea.