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Filmmaking team Greg Morgan (Writer, Producer, Director) and Jeanne Flynn-Morgan (Writer, Producer, Art Director) make their debut 35mm feature effort with 17 & Under. The story, written by both, was conceptualized while watching the evening news and it's endless stories on gang related murders. Both natives of the greater Los Angeles area, Greg and Jeanne met at California State University, Northridge where Greg was making several short films in the film program there, including "The Bet" (1986). After graduation, Greg and Jeanne worked outside the industry, but continued writing. Greg occasionally worked part time on several independent films as a grip, gaffer and best boy. Greg and Jeanne, both big proponents of guerilla, do-it-any-way-you-can filmmaking, began writing the screenplay prepared to do it micro budget with some of the funds coming from a poker card tournament Jeanne won in Las Vegas. Major funding came about after exec producer Kathy Nikolai came aboard and raised funding through a private limited partnership. Presently, Greg and Jeanne are in pre-production on their second feature, "Textures." A provocative drama set to be shot in Nevada City, California.  Greg has several finished award winning screenplays.

Dave Porfiri (Director of Photography) has been a "DP" for almost five years. Dave attended graduate school at the world renown University of Southern California's School of Cinema-Television and realized his destiny was to become a cinematographer. Dave's interest in still photography allowed him to explore the power of manipulating light and shadow for calculated emotional effect Fueled by inspiration of professors Jean-Pierre Geuens, Woody Omens, ASC and Earl Rath, ASC, Dave's passion for creating compelling cinematic images drove him to learn the craft from the ground up. Dave developed the tools and confidence to pursue cinematography by working for years as a grip, electrician and gaffer. It was working as a gaffer that he met Greg Morgan who was working as a grip on the same independent feature. The two struck up a friendship and Dave was called in the very early stages of pre-production. The results of Dave's accomplishments have been over fifteen narrative short films, four feature films, including 17 & Under, and numerous corporate, commercial and music video credits with appearances at the Sundance and Hamptons Film Festivals.

Britton Hein, (Associate Producer) at the age of 24, is currently attending and finishing his last year at Columbia College Hollywood film school, but has already established himself as an up and coming producer. Prior to serving as an associate producer on 17 & Under, Britton began his own production company, Fountain Entertainment, which eventually merged with HyperShark Pictures for the purpose of 17 & Under. His background includes working as a freelance ENG news cameraman for FOX, NBC, CBS, ABC, and CNN, as well as producing an independent segment for ABC’s 20/20 and CODE 3, which also ran on FOX. Among his many producing credits, Britton finished shooting a fire fighting docu-drama in 1994 entitled, "America’s Bravest," which will air on cable sometime this year. It was shot on location in Sacramento where he was the producer and director. "Working on 17 & Under gave me more experience on set operations and taking responsibility for crew members actions and to handle problems that may arise on the set from time to time," says Britton. "It was a great experience working on this production."

Perigil A. Ilacas, Jr. (Associate Producer) brings years of relative experience to the feature film 17 & Under. "Independent filmmaking calls for duty above and beyond your given title" explains Perigil. "Managing a film on a day to day basis can be incredibly exhausting even if the day's planning is completed ahead of time." Perigil is one of the three co-partners of Fountain Entertainment / HyperShark Pictures, a production company founded in 1994. Perigil was responsible for most of the day to day operations on the set during production and acquiring all of the extras needed to shoot 17 & Under. He was also responsible for putting the production on the Internet. "The World Wide Web is a great tool for gaining information, so it just seemed perfect to give 17 & Under a presence on the internet." Prior to 17 & Under, Perigil was part of the Development staff at Activision Studios, a software publishing company in Los Angeles. Currently, he is an Associate Producer for Buena Vista Internet Group, Disney Online.

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Director Gregory William Morgan
Producers Gregory William Morgan
Jeanne Flynn-Morgan
Screenplay Gregory William Morgan
Jeanne Flynn-Morgan
Executive Producer Kathy Nikolai
Director of Photography Dave Porfiri
Editor Will Santa Cruz
Music Kumbre
Associate Producers Britton Hein
Perigil A. Ilacas, Jr.
Michael A. Gary
First Assistant Director Charles McVicker
Art Directors Jeanne Flynn-Morgan
Delores Flynn
Costume Designer Louise Moore
Second Assistant Director Chris Martinez
Sound Mixer Doug Allen
First Assistant Camera Don Humer
Second Assistant Camera Julia Scott
Kevin Osgood
Continuity Supervisor Sarah Brown
Boom Operator Martin Mattison
Make Up Victoria Puga
Gaffers Robert Webb
Dave Womack
Mike Graef
Rene Karp
Pedro Castro
Key Grip Scott Buckey
Dolly Grip Michael Rha
Grips Felipe M. Calica
Scott Dennis
Aaron Jennerjahn
Nikki Barsegian
Chris Dabbs
Glen Braun
Ben Brunkhardt
Massa Kobayashi
William L'Heureux
Production Assistants Jerlaine Beckwith
Lisbeth Vitallo
Luz Cardona
Nadine Ray
Crystal Hunter
Andrew Hartzell
Christian Huber
Still Photographer Souren Karapetian
Set Mom Delores Flynn
Post Sound Norman Arnold @ Los Angeles Film Factory
Negative Cutter Marilyn Sommer @ U.S. Compumatch
Titles & Opticles Tom Anderson @ T & T Opticle
Script Consultants Dick Morgan
Bettina Moss
Catering Classic's Catering Company

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