The Substance Of Things Hoped For


Ron Meyer, President and COO of Universal Studios said,

"An amazing film...with great preformances."

We want to thank Ron Meyer for taking the time out of his extremely busy schedule to view our tiny budget indy film.   It was truly an honor.

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After the death of her closest two friends, young Daphne Lessing suffers a loss of faith, then a lapse in memory.  Confronted with a diagnosis of schizophrenia and a pregnancy she neither planned nor is able to explain, Daphne is forced into a terrible choice: lose her child or lose her mind.  "The Substance of Things Hoped For" traces Daphne's desperate search for the past she cannot recall, the father she never had, and the child she may never know.  Layered, haunting, raw and challenging: "Substance" is a story audiences will talk about and talk about again.

Spiritual drama about a young woman diagnosed with a rare form of schizophrenia: Her dilemma: She may simply avert the disease that would eventually make her go insane by taking a drug, but that same drug will abort the unborn child with her.  Her conclusion: If the disease is hereditary she will abort the fetus and save herself, if not, she will have the child, but lapse into total insanity.   The problem: She must find the father she has never known and have him take a blood test. Unfortunately, he denies her and she decides to deduce his sanity or insanity through his abandoned research in dolphin linguistics, but for her, time is running out.

The shoot went remarkably smooth and we had a wonderful cast and crew.  I guess experience pays off.  I got everything I needed to edit (at least I think, so far.

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Yarmo (Richard Tanner) and Daphne (Vanessa Lengies) research dolphin linguistics.


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Daphne ponders her father's (Ray Wise) comments.


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Daphne and her father, Dr. Lessing, consider dolphin linguisics.


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Dr. Lessing (Ray Wise) listens to his daughter, Daphne, (Vanessa Lengies)


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Dr. Drury (Shannon Cochran) stresses the importance of Daphne's dilemma.


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Vanessa Lengies on set.


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Director Greg Morgan with co-writer Duke Addleman.  Producer Jeanne Morgan in background.


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Daphne with Mom (Kristi Somers)    


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Ray Wise getting ready to shoot.


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Ray and Giovanni Lopes (playing Michael).

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